About Persnickety

Our artistic goal is to honor the compelling bond between pets and the people who love them, through personalized, decorative art and accessories that reflect the joy pets bring to the lives of our clients. ~ Jim and Ann Monteith

Persnickety Pet Portraits is located on a 15-acre farm, where there is plenty of room to exercise and groom your pet before the session. The camera room is thoroughly pet-friendly and pet-proof.

Persnickety portraits are designed to create decorative focal points that touch the heart and warm the home.

About Jim & Ann Monteith

Photographers Jim and Ann Monteith create exceptionally pleasing portraits of pets of all kinds, with or without the people who love them. Both Jim and Ann are AKC show veterans and experienced dog handlers, and they are thoroughly knowledgeable about the characteristics of all breeds. This helps them to portray your pet appropriately, according the breed’s standards, while also capturing the pet’s special personality. They are equally at home with cats.

The Monteiths’ images have appeared on the cover and inside the AKC Gazette, in other prestigious dog and cat publications and photographic periodicals, as well as in popular consumer publications and books. The Gazette chose Jim and Ann to create their 100th Anniversary cover, and when pet professionals and handlers need personal pet portraits, they also turn to the Monteiths.

Both have studied and taught the art of animal portraiture, and they approach pets with the same dignity of purpose with which they photograph people. Each has earned the Master of Photography degree from Professional Photographers of America, of which Ann is a past president.

For an appointment, call 717-867-2135 during our regular office hours, which are: M-F / 10-4 / other hours by appointment.

Persnickety is a warm fuzzy division of Monteith’s Countryhouse Studios